Winter Sportive Series

Winter Sportive Series
Winter Sportive Series

Tuesday, 28 February 2012



Chris Meads has come up with some fabulous action shots of  the event. You can now purschase them from his website following the link below.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Results 26th February

1RoderickLennoxMale55 MilesDNS
2SimonMarshallMale30 Miles02:05:56
3SimonMundayMale55 MilesDNS
4JohnHillMale55 MilesDNS
5DanielKearneyMale55 MilesDNS
6ChrisLearyMale55 Miles04:35:45
7MarkHaywardMale55 Miles04:35:32
9SteveGoodwinMale55 MilesDNS
10ChrisTwomeyMale55 Miles03:47:39
11DavidSkellyMale55 Miles03:23:19
12PaulHayesMale55 Miles03:11:27
13StephenFrewMale55 Miles02:14:21
14AnitaFrewFemale55 Miles02:14:21
15ChristopherKeelanMale55 MilesDNS
16AndrewBarrowMale55 Miles02:05:52
17KatherineCollinsFemale30 MilesDNS
18RobElvinMale55 Miles03:46:08
19AndrewShaughnessyMale55 Miles03:33:06
20StuartRaynerMale55 Miles03:20:34
21MikeNobleMale55 Miles03:42:07
22AlexisDinsmorFemale30 Miles02:30:06
23SimonHourihanMale55 Miles04:32:47
24LewisHourihanMale55 Miles04:32:47
25RichardCaseMale55 Miles03:56:27
26NigelClarkMale55 Miles04:26:10
27NicholasClarkMale55 Miles04:27:57
30JanetteClayFemale55 Miles04:31:39
31AndrewCawleyMale55 Miles04:21:02
33AnnaPopeFemale55 Miles04:09:41
34SimonCookMale55 Miles03:21:32
35MalcolmCollinsMale30 Miles01:59:14
36AdrianWilliamsonMale55 Miles03:12:42
37AndrewSteelMale55 Miles03:07:16
38JanetPalmer-SpeightFemale30 Miles03:02:42
39ViciCummingFemale30 Miles03:02:46
40CarlHenshawMale55 Miles04:08:22
41SeanHenshawMale55 MilesDNS
43PaulCollinsMale55 Miles03:33:04
46JohnDiggleMale55 MilesDNS
47AlecGuthrieMale55 Miles03:14:19
48AndySaundersMale50 Miles03:06:42
49SusiePeartFemale55 Miles03:43:30
50JustineWattsFemale30 Miles02:08:45
51WalterBeechMale55 Miles03:20:09
52ChrisMcAvoyMale55 Miles03:03:20
54JohnLathamMale30 Miles01:43:32
56NathanMcAvoyMale55 Miles02:53:33
57AlexRooneyMale30 MilesDNS
58WilliamRooneyMale30 MilesDNS
59Christopher TMooreMale55 Miles03:48:10
60Nellie AnnSmithFemale55 Miles03:47:36
61AngusHigginsMale55 Miles03:09:10
62PeterGroverMale55 Miles02:55:55
63NigelLanceleyMale55 Miles04:37:28
64StephenNobleMale55 Miles03:27:25
65RayNobleMale55 Miles03:26:14
66HarryDaviesMale55 Miles03:51:09
67RobertSeddonMale55 Miles04:08:06
68RachelSeddonFemale55 Miles04:07:56
69SimonPlunkettMale55 Miles03:47:37
70DavidThompsonMale30 Miles01:52:30
71RobBywaterMale55 MilesDNS
72DavidWalkerMale55 Miles04:06:06
73FionaHodgkissFemale30 MilesDNS
74SimonHodgkissMale30 MilesDNS
75JamesAshtonMale30 Miles02:17:58
76KevinMaloneMale55 Miles04:02:23
77DavidCloughMale30 Miles01:49:17
78DanielRobinsonMale55 Miles03:37:47
79RobertDunneMale55 Miles04:01:45
80PatrickBannonMale55 Miles03:42:55
81EamonnSheridanMale55 Miles04:21:28
82DeborahSheridanFemale55 Miles03:37:11
83CarlGoodwinMale55 Miles03:40:24
84AndrewRichardsMale55 Miles03:40:22
85SimonPorterMale55 Miles04:35:30
86PaulMaddoxMale55 Miles03:11:03
87StephenBoothMale55 Miles03:37:39
88AndrewJonesMale55 MilesDNF
89DarrenBarrsMale55 Miles03:13:02
90TrevorMatherMale55 Miles03:17:01
91DarrenFaulkeMale30 Miles01:48:20
92PaulShardMale30 Miles01:48:18
93MichaelJamesMale55 Miles04:24:18
94LukeRyanMale55 Miles02:55:56
95ClaireJamesFemale30 Miles02:38:33
96AmandaMearnsFemale30 Miles02:38:38
97AndrewOwenMale55 Miles03:21:39
98MikeWheelhouseMale30 Miles01:48:09
99ChrisBrumbyMale55 Miles03:27:44
100MikeBuckleyMale55 Miles03:23:32
102TerenceThompsonMale55 Miles04:11:58
103DannyO'GradyMale30 MilesDNS
105JasonBaddeleyMale55 Miles04:02:00
107AnthonyTurnerMale55 MilesDNS
108StevenAllcockMale55 Miles02:58:07
109GregMorganMale55 Miles03:12:50
110SarahGriffithsFemale55 Miles04:05:40
111SimonWalkerMale55 Miles03:52:13
112SeanWellsMale5 Miles03:03:53
113PaddyHehirMale55 Miles03:55:06
114PaulBarnettMale55 Miles03:19:36
115AlastairBrownMale55 Miles03:32:54
116JamesJacksonMale5 Miles03:39:31
117PeterMiltonMale30 Miles02:04:32
118ErikBorgMale50 Miles03:26:11
119AllanPadgetMale30 Miles02:04:33
120RussellGibbonsMale55 Miles03:09:03
121AlanArmstrongMale30 Miles02:09:20
122LukeBarrettMale55 Miles03:16:49
123TonyDavies-FooMale55 Miles04:02:34
124MarkRatcliffeMale55 MilesDNS
125FionaCosgroveFemale55 Miles  04:05:40
126AdrianFeldmanMale55 Miles03:59:39
127John PurslowMale27 Miles01:44:45
128StephenPembertonMale55 Miles03:38:53
129KateMurrayFemale27 Miles01:56:07
130Ged ReynoldsMale27 Miles01:47:38
131ChristoferCooneyMale55 Miles03:33:21
132KarlDennisMale55 Miles03:56:41
133Ian JespersenMale55 Miles03:40:08
134J & LThornhillM & F27 Miles01:46:19
135HowardWilliamsMale27 Miles02:11:22
136RichardAmberyMale55 Miles04:00:02
137David SpencerMale55 Miles04:04:26
138Paul ButterworthMale55 Miles03:04:38
139PaulConnollyMale55 Miles03:39:52
140JimSolonMale55 Miles04:12:03
141Rachel ArmitageFemale55 Miles02:47:48
142Geoff EvattMale27 Miles01:50:09
143Steve McCarthyMale27 Miles02:09:14
144ChistopherCurtisMale55 Miles03:45:56
145DuncanRileyMale55 Miles03:16:00
146Simon HootonMale55 Miles03:46:43
147John KeatesMale27 Miles03:16:21
148Kevin PattersonMale55 Miles03:47:36
149Graham WoolleyMale27 Mles01:51:50
150Paul CheethamMale55 Miles02:54:33
151JaneBrooksFemale55 Miles03:35:55
152Eddie BrooksMale55 Miles03:35:55
153Jaqueline WardFemale55 Miles03:17:29
154Lee WinslowMale55 Miles03:10:58
155Emma RobinsonFemale55 Miles04:01:52
156Cathy StrattonFemale27 Miles02:10:03
157Roy EvansMale55 Miles03:22:09
158Mark RussellMale55 Miles02:49:30
159Garry JonesMale55 Miles03:00:53
160Peter RedheadMale55 Miles02:49:51
161Andrew TharpMale55 Miles03:37:46
162Peter KenningtonMale55 Miles03:37:43
163Karen BennettFemale55 Miles03:37:52
164AlexEkMale55 Miles04:06:25
165Jon HopwodMale55 Miles03:19:59
166QuentinAshbyMale55 Miles03:20:04
167WiliamHorneMale27 Miles02:07:04
168Tom HillisMale27 Miles02:07:19
169Ethan HillisMale27 Miles02:06:57
170Katrina FentonFemale55 Miles04:25:42
171Patrick ConaghanMale55 Miles03:06:17
172Neal AndrewsMale55 Miles02:35:01
173StuartRobinsonMale55 Miles02:35:01
174SuzanneSmithFemale55 Miles04:25:14
175Paul BannonMale55 Miles03:55:47

Friday, 24 February 2012

Start Sheet

1 RoderickLennox Male 55 Miles
2 Simon MarshallMale 30 Miles
3 Simon Munday Male 55 Miles
4 John Hill Male 55 Miles
5 Daniel Kearney Male 55 Miles
6 Chris Leary Male 55 Miles
7 Mark Hayward Male 55 Miles
8 David ThrelfallMale 55 Miles
9 Steve Goodwin Male 55 Miles
10 Chris Twomey Male 55 Miles
11 David Skelly Male 55 Miles
12 Paul Hayes Male 55 Miles
13 Stephen Frew Male 55 Miles
14 Anita Frew Female 55 Miles
15 ChristopheKeelanMale 55 Miles
16 Andrew Barrow Male 55 Miles
17 KatherineCollinsFemale 30 Miles
18 Rob Elvin Male 55 Miles
19 Andrew ShaughneMale 55 Miles
20 Stuart Rayner Male 55 Miles
21 Mike Noble Male 55 Miles
22 Alexis Dinsmor Female 30 Miles
23 Simon HourihanMale 55 Miles
24 Lewis HourihanMale 55 Miles
25 Richard Case Male 55 Miles
26 Nigel Clark Male 55 Miles
27 NicholasClark Male 55 Miles
28 BenjaminClark Male 55 Miles
29 Geoff Hull Male 55 Miles
30 Janette Clay Female 55 Miles
31 Andrew Cawley Male 55 Miles
32 Patrick CorriganMale 55 Miles
33 Anna Pope Female 55 Miles
34 Simon Cook Male 55 Miles
35 Malcolm Collins Male 30 Miles
36 Adrian WilliamsonMale 55 Miles
37 Andrew Steel Male 55 Miles
38 Janet Palmer-SpFemale 30 Miles
39 Vici Cumming Female 30 Miles
40 Carl Henshaw Male 55 Miles
41 Sean Henshaw Male 55 Miles
42 Luke McAvoy Male 55 Miles
43 Paul Collins Male 55 Miles
46 John Diggle Male 55 Miles
47 Alec Guthrie Male 55 Miles
48 Andy SaundersMale 50 Miles
49 Susie Peart Female 55 Miles
50 Justine Watts Female 30 Miles
51 Walter Beech Male 55 Miles
52 Chris McAvoy Male 55 Miles
53 Ian Spence Male 55 Miles
54 John Latham Male 30 Miles
55 Conrad Jones Male 55 Miles
56 Nathan McAvoy Male 55 Miles
57 Alex Rooney Male 30 Miles
58 William Rooney Male 30 Miles
59 ChristopheMoore Male 55 Miles
60 Nellie AnnSmith Female 55 Miles
61 Angus Higgins Male 55 Miles
62 Peter Grover Male 55 Miles
63 Nigel LanceleyMale 55 Miles
64 Stephen Noble Male 55 Miles
65 Ray Noble Male 55 Miles
66 Harry Davies Male 55 Miles
67 Robert Seddon Male 55 Miles
68 Rachel Seddon Female 55 Miles
69 Simon PlunkettMale 55 Miles
70 David ThompsonMale 30 Miles
71 Rob Bywater Male 55 Miles
72 David Walker Male 55 Miles
73 Fiona HodgkissFemale 30 Miles
74 Simon HodgkissMale 30 Miles
75 James Ashton Male 30 Miles
76 Kevin Malone Male 55 Miles
77 David Clough Male 30 Miles
78 Daniel RobinsonMale 55 Miles
79 Robert Dunne Male 55 Miles
80 Patrick Bannon Male 55 Miles
81 Eamonn SheridanMale 55 Miles
82 Deborah SheridanFemale 55 Miles
83 Carl Goodwin Male 55 Miles
84 Andrew RichardsMale 55 Miles
85 Simon Porter Male 55 Miles
86 Paul Maddox Male 55 Miles
87 Stephen Booth Male 55 Miles
88 Andrew Jones Male 55 Miles
89 Darren Barrs Male 55 Miles
90 Trevor Mather Male 55 Miles
91 Darren Faulke Male 30 Miles
92 Paul Shard Male 30 Miles
93 Michael James Male 55 Miles
94 Luke Ryan Male 55 Miles
95 Claire James Female 30 Miles
96 Amanda Mearns Female 30 Miles
97 Andrew Owen Male 55 Miles
98 Mike WheelhouMale 30 Miles
99 Chris Brumby Male 55 Miles
100 Mike Buckley Male 55 Miles
101 Janice Murphy Female 55 Miles
102 Terence ThompsonMale 55 Miles
103 Danny O'Grady Male 30 Miles
104 Neil Barker Male 55 Miles
105 Jason BaddeleyMale 55 Miles
106 James Myers Male 55 Miles
107 Anthony Turner Male 55 Miles
108 Steven Allcock Male 55 Miles
109 Greg Morgan Male 55 Miles
110 Sarah GriffithsFemale 55 Miles
111 Simon Walker Male 55 Miles
112 Sean Wells Male 55 Miles
113 Paddy Hehir Male 55 Miles
114 Paul Barnett Male 55 Miles
115 AlastairBrown Male 55 Miles
116 James Jackson Male 55 Miles
117 Peter Milton Male 30 Miles
118 Erik Borg Male 50 Miles
119 Allan Padget Male 30 Miles
120 Russell Gibbons Male 55 Miles
121 Alan ArmstrongMale 30 Miles
122 Luke Barrett Male 55 Miles
123 Tony Davies-FooMale 55 Miles
124 Mark RatcliffeMale 55 Miles
125 Fiona CosgroveFemale 55 Miles
126 Adrian Feldman Male 55 Miles

Friday, 30 September 2011



Next Event Sunday 26th Feb.

Online Entries Are Now Closed

The North West Winter Series is 2 mini Sportives designed to get you fit for the start of the 
season Venue for both events will be held at Poynton Leisure Centre. Events will be approx. 50 miles we will also have a shorter option approx 30 miles.

The Winter Series is designed to get you fit for the new season. Both events will give riders a chance to test their fitness levels before the Sportive season kicks off proper.

Our events are open to everybody. You don't have to be in a club just to like riding a bike. Anyone can turn up on the day and do the ride. We are one of the few events to actively encourage entry on the day as long as we have places.

The events are organised by Team Torelli cycling club organisers of the Jodrell Bank Sportives and Tour of the Pennines.


In answer to all the emails we have been recieving. Yes we do take entries on the day. Please get there early as we always get a lot especially if the weather is fine, it will help us to get  you through registration. You can download an entry form and a route card and bring it along on the day.


12/02/2012 Winter Sportive Series Event 1

26/02/2012 Winter Sportive Series Event 2


We have kept the costs to a minimum, entry fee will be just 15.00

We will also be accepting entries on the day which will be 20.00
(please get there early as we always get a lot of entries on the day)

Please download an entry form and route card and bring it along on the day.


Route Cards are now ready to download.


Winter Series – Event 1 12/02/2012

Winter Series – Event 2  26/02/2012

EVENT 1 12/02/2012

27 miles

50 miles

Event 2 26/02/2012

27 miles

55  miles


* Electronic Timing
* Feeding Station (approx half distance)
* Well Signed
* GPS Downloads
* Downloadable Route Maps (ready to download)
* Support Vehicles
* Changing Room
* Ample Parking (tarmac, no muddy fields)
* Free Hot Drinks and Cake at the Finish
* Challenging Routes
* Gold, Silver and Bronze Standards

Opens 8.00 am and closes at 8.45am

Event Starts 9.00 am until 9.30

Event HQ
Poynton Leisure Centre
Yew Tree Lane

There is plenty of parking, please follow the Leisure Centres Staff who will direct you.

SPORTIVE NATION a new bicycle shop opening in Hazel Grove in March will be attending and will able to providing servicing for the event.


The next event the 26th of February we are pleased to announce that Chris Meads will be covering the event. Chris is not only a great photographer but also a cyclist so knows what it takes to get a great shot. Phots will be available to be purchased from his website after the event.


Results will be listed on the website on the Monday following the event


We will be awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze standards to each finisher based on your times.

Event 1
27 Mile Route
Gold Standard time less than 1hr 56 minutes
Silver Standard ltime ess than 2 hour 15 minutes
Bronze Standard time over 2 hours 15 minutes

50 Mile Route
Gold Standard time less than 3 hrs 40 mintues
Silver Standard time less than 4 hrs 15 minutes
Bronze Standard time over 4 hrs 15 minutes

Event 2

27 Mile Route
55 Mile Route

Electronic Timing

We have our own Electronic Timing system which uses Barcodes which are printed on your numbers. The numbers need to be attached to your handlebars, please do not obstruct the bar code with the cable ties.

DO NOT attach the number to your head tube as we will not be able to scan it and you will not get a time. It should be attached to your handlebars.


A start list will be posted on the website a couple of days before. It will speed up registration if you check your number in advance and ask for it at the signing on desk.

The event is held under British Cycling Cyclosportive Rules. A cyclosportive is a non-competitive event.


The routes will be marked with a black arrow on a fluorescent yellow back ground. The signs will be put up before the event. We have marshals that proceed the riders to check that they are in place. We also mark the roads with a temporary acrylic spray.

Along with the GPS files which can be download to your computers, Google Earth Fly Through Video, Interactive Maps on the website, Route Maps which can be downloaded and printed off and/or downloaded to your i phone THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR GETTING LOST


WINTER SPORTIVE  26th March 2012

HQ - Poynton leisure Centre Yew Tree lane Poynton, Cheshire. SK12 1PU

Registration opens at 8.00 until 8.45

In registration your name will be on the start sheets on the tables. Look for your name and number.
You will be given your number . You do not need to sign anything. You have already signed on during the online entry system

If you are entering on the day you need to download an entry form and the revelent Route Card. Bring the completed form signed and with the correct fee to ON THE DAY registration desk. You will be given a number.

Numbers must be attached to your handlebars for timing purposes. If your number is not on your handlebars you may be missed from the results.

Plesase do not attach the number to your head tube or obstruct the barcode as we will not be able to scan it and you will not get a time.

Start Time - 9.00 am until 9.30 riders can start anytime within the 1/2 hour. 

RESULTS - Results will be posted on the website on Monday

There is a large car park at the Poynton Leisure Centre and also next door at the school.
You will be directed by the Leisure Centre Staff.


Participents take part in the event at entirley at their own risk.

Participents should follow instructions from the marshals

The ride is run under British Cycling Cyclosportive Rules.

Participants will be responsible for the roadworthiness of their own cycle.

You must obey all Highway Code Rules. You are requested to ride in single file where appropriate and no more than 2 abreast at any time. Please be aware of your fellow cyclists and other traffic. Please indicate your intention to stop or change direction. 

This is a great circuit and we would like to use it again next year. Please show courtesy and respect for other road users. A cheery wave and a smile works

There are toilets at the start and finish. There are also Public toilets around the circuit.

The route is marked by signage. A black arrow on an Flourescent yellow background.We wil be marking the roads with a yellow arrow. We also have a support vehicle that proceeds the riders replacing missing signs. Hopefully we can keep everyone on track. 

ROUTE CARDS are available to download off the website. You can also download them onto your phone. There are interactive maps on the website to familarise yourself with the route. We also have downloadable GPS files available from the Bikeroute toaster website. 


It is the responsibility of each participant to take the correct course. Participants are required to carry traditional map based route instructions.

All competitors are advised to wear a safety helmet to ANSI Z90/4 or SNELL standards

You may not use your mobile phone while riding. You must stop at the side of the road if you need to make or receive a call. 

Having a mobile phone with you on the ride is encouraged. It is usefull if you get lost or need to be picked up by the support vehicles 

Torelli Cycling Club will provide fluid and food at designated feed stations. This is intended only as a top up. You are encouraged to take enough
food and fluid for the full distance of the event.

The roads around Cheshire are in the main very good quality however there are pot holes in places due to the winter weather please look out for them. If you are riding in a group shout out warnings to the riders behind.

Most of the route is on quiet country lanes. After the thaw there will be grit and mud in places. Heavy tyres and mudguards are advised as well as extra caution.

There are two feeding stations one at approx. 15 miles. It is intended for the riders doing the 30 mile route. At the feeding station the 30 mile route riders TURN LEFT and head back to Poynton.
Riders on the 55 mile route TURN RIGHT. Their feeding station is in Lach Dennis opposite the Three Greyhounds Public House at half distance.

Under 18's must have the consent of a parent or guardian and be accompanied by a nominated adult at all times whilst on the ride. 

It is advised that all riders must carry a form of identification showing their name, address and contact details of person to be advised in the eventuality 
cases of an accident. It is also advised that all participants carry enough food, drink, money and extra clothing to complete the ride being under taken, 
taking into account the route and possible adverse weather conditions. 

There are support vehicles on the ride. If you need to be picked up call the organisers tel: number below.

Mechanical failure or cannot continue. You can also stop at the feeding stations if you have any problems and they will bring you back to the HQ.

Marshals are there to help they are not allowed to stop the traffic you are responsable for your own actions at junctions throughout the ride.

Organisation Phone Number Tel: 07583234531

In case of an emergency please ring 999

There is Free Hot Drinks and Cake after the event.

I would just like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable ride.